Indeed, if you are looking forward to a 100 % effective and safest birth control method, then you are in the right place and time to try a Vasectomy procedure. When done by an experienced Urology surgeon, a vasectomy procedure is the best choice for someone looking forward to undergoing permanent sterilization. However, just like any other medical procedure, vasectomy calls for the best Urologists, and that’s why our Vasectomy Phoenix services are matchless not only in this region but also in the surrounding regions.

What does a vasectomy procedure involve?

Vasectomy is male sterilization procure that involves closing off the vas deferens tubes. These tubes are responsible for transporting sperms to the urethra before ejaculation. The procedure is straightforward and usually an outpatient procedure once you receive local anaesthesia for a painless experience.

Types of Vasectomy procedures.

Typically, vasectomy procedures can be done in two different ways, namely the traditional and no-scalpel vasectomy.

Traditional vasectomy. In this procedure, the Urology surgeon will make two minor incisions in the scrotum to create a way to access the vas deferens tubes. Next, the surgeon ties off these tubes by using tiny clips or cauterization or a combination of both and thus sealing the tubes from allowing passage of sperms. Finally, the surgeon seals the incisions with surgical glue or tiny sutures.

No-scalpel vasectomy.

It is a minimally invasive procedure that involves the Urology surgeon creating a minor puncture in the scrotum as an alternative for an incision. Next, the surgeon can access both vas deferens tubes after spreading the scrotal skin. The surgeon then pulls both tubes through the puncture and ties off each of them through tiny clips or cauterization. No sutures or surgical glue is need since no incision was done and that the puncture can naturally heal, although the surgeon will have to apply a gauze dressing for your safety and comfort. Once you’re ready for a vasectomy procedure, you will have a chance to discuss with our Urology specialists the most effective vasectomy approach for you before the actual surgery is done. We disclose to our clients all the material facts to make an informed decision before we perform this permanent sterilization procedure.

What should I expect after undergoing vasectomy surgery?

Like any other minor surgery, expect some swelling, bruising and some pain but be assured it will fade within 2 to 3 days. Besides, some recommended supportive underwear and ice packs can help ease these symptoms. It would be best if you rested at least a day or two after the vasectomy, and our urologist will give a green light when you can start performing light activities.