Disc replacement is the new treatment for those suffering from back pain associated with degenerative disc disease. However, there are a few concerns in the surgery, but artificial discs are known to be safe. Patients suffering from multilevel lumbar pathology are less benefitted than patients having one level of lumbar disc degeneration.

There are few severe risks that a patient needs to consider before going for the artificial disc. No patient thinks of this treatment without trying out other non-operative therapy for at least six to seven months. With the artificial disc replacement, the patient will get relief in pain by removing the painful disc. But if you are still confused regarding artificial disc replacement, you can choose regenerative stem cell therapy according to the doctor’s advice and the patient’s condition.

How Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery Works?

Artificial disc replacement surgery is the medical process where a surgeon removes a patient’s herniated spinal disc and replaces it with the implant device. Most of the time, this surgery takes around two to three hours. Your expert surgeon will approach the lower back of the patient from the front through the abdomen. The patient’s body organs and blood vessels will be moved to the side for getting access to your spine without moving nerves. The vascular surgeon will assist the orthopedic surgeon in opening and expose the disk space.

Then during the procedure, your surgeon will remove the problematic/painful disk and insert the artificial disk into the space of the disk. This surgery is performed as the anterior process. You will be discharged within one day of your surgery.

Recovery After The Surgery

In most cases, your surgeon will advise you to stay in the hospital for one to three days after surgery. The period will rely on the functioning of your body and how well controlled your pain is. Mostly, patients are encouraged by experts to walk and stand on the first day itself after surgery. It is because there is no need for bone healing, and also early movements lead to quick recovery and rehabilitation.

You will be asked to perform basic exercises such as routine stretching and walking for a few weeks. It is vital to ignore any activities that lead to hyperextending your back.

Risks Occurring Under The Surgery Of Artificial Disc Replacement

  • Injury to surrounding organs
  • Misplacement
  • Dislodgement
  • Also other risks of spinal surgery.

Always go for this treatment with a highly experienced surgeon.

Final Words

Hence, disc replacement is the whole new spectrum of surgeries for those suffering from degenerative disc issues.