The definition of embarrassment is when you smoke a whole chicken to perfection, cut into it and the entire bird is raw inside. Fight off this scenario with a Fireboard thermometer. This product takes temperature monitoring to another level.

1. A Total of Six Probes

Your grill is only a few square feet in size, so using six probes seems unlikely. You’d be surprised to find out that six is just the right number of temperature probes to have on your high-tech device.

Place one on each corner of the grill when you close the lid. Don’t forget to add the fifth probe to your chosen meat. The result is temperature data for every section of the grill. No cold spots will mar your cooking success.

2. Off the Beaten Path

You want to grill all-year-round, but winter gets in the way. The Fireboard thermometer can still be useful in the house too. Add it to your trusty oven as you bake up lasagnas, roast chickens and rise bread.

The thermometer’s probes give you an accurate look at the oven’s interior temperatures so that everything cooks at the right pace. Lopsided cakes and raw cookie dough don’t have to be part of your cooking experience.

3. Connect to the Internet

Don’t read the temperatures on the device itself. In fact, the thermometer has a red housing with no data to speak of on the exterior.

You learn all about the temperatures from the app that goes along with the Fireboard. Download the app onto a smartphone for real-time updates. There’s even Bluetooth connectivity so that you have an alternative in case of Internet disruption.

Your phone becomes a data center as you see the temperatures listed with averages, lows and highs.

4. Add a Fan

Controlling a grill’s temperature isn’t the norm with a probe. It just reports the news, right? The Fireboard gives you a chance to add a fan to the grill and connect it through the app.

Activate the fan when you need to create a more uniform cooking temperature or cool it down entirely. You have control over the flames! This particular feature is how this probe stands out from the rest.

5. Made for Durability

With all of these fancy features, the big question comes down to durability. Will the Fireboard survive all of those grilling days?

The probes are satisfying lengths of metal with a few plastic sections for touch convenience. Take a look at the main housing, and it’s made of a durable plastic too. The manufacturer advertises a water-resistant assembly, although many users suggest a plastic bag as a safer alternative.

The battery life is one of the big thrills when it comes to durability. You can use it for more than 24 hours, and the charge is still going strong.

If you’re a fan of grilling and smoking, it just makes sense to buy a Fireboard thermometer. After the first time, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it in the first place.