Doctor Wisdom Root Canal Service, Montreal 

With lots of wrong information that surround root canal treatment online, it’s hard to tell which ones to trust. But wants you to have accurate information on root canal Montreal to help you make crucial decisions.

Like with any medical procedure, getting as much information as possible should be your priority. This means you seek help from your endodontist whenever you have questions about your teeth. Let’s take a look at important information about root canal that you need to know.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal is a dental procedure that is done to avoid unnecessary extraction of your tooth. The process involves removal of the badly decayed or infected tooth’s nerve followed by a thorough cleaning and sealing of the nerve and pulp chamber. 

What Are the Signs and Symptoms of a Root Canal?

  Extreme tooth pain

  Toothache with unknown cause

  Persistent temperature sensitivity to cold or hot substances

  Tooth hurts when you chew food

  Discoloration or gradual darkening of a tooth over time

  Presence of a bump or pimple on the gum of the painful tooth

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

While most people think that root canal causes pain, the truth is that it relieves pain. With the evolution of treatment methods and the invention of new technologies and anesthetics, a root canal is more comfortable today than in the old days. In fact, the experience is almost the same as having your tooth replaced.

When you have damaged tissues in your tooth, it causes severe toothache, which can be quite painful. But when you visit a dentist, a root canal treatment will be conducted to remove the damaged tissue and relieve you the pain.

Should You Get A Root Canal Treatment?

If you have decayed, cracked or severely injured a tooth, then a root canal is necessary. Failure to seek treatment will result in more damage to your tooth’s pulp, causing more pain. It is important to treat it immediately to curb the infection or inflammation caused by the condition.

Besides, the process can be completed in just two office visits. Once the tooth is restored, it will continue to function normally, and if you maintain good oral hygiene, then the tooth ca stay strong forever. However, the time the process takes largely depends on the required treatment plan.


Are you experiencing any of the listed symptoms? If yes, then you should seek help from a dentist near you because the pain won’t just fade away; instead, it gets worse daily. At, we strive to provide you the best root canal Montreal services. Contact us today to book an appointment and get your tooth issues solved at reasonable rates.